Vegas: Alter Your Reality

Working with R&R, Sunset West Media, and the City of Las Vegas, Vegas Alter Your Reality is an innovative marketing concept that unites virtual reality with art and travel.

With the vision of five international artists: Adhemas Batista (Brazil), Beeple (US), FAFI (France), INSA (UK), and Signalnoise (Canada), Las Vegas comes to life in a fantastical vision. The experience was launched at Art Basil in Miami, and then traveled to a pop-up exhibit in Toronto.


Sunset West Media R&R


City of Las Vegas




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Las Fafinette Star

There are needs and wants and possibilities inside each of us. Sometimes, the most exciting aspects of who and what we are hide beneath the surface. Fafi takes us on a journey inside the Vegas visitor, where the energy and excitement of a nonstop wonderland transforms flesh and blood into a world of decadence and indulgence.

The galaxy that the fembot lives in was created out of millions of flower particles as well as the flower particles in the flower garden scene. 

Don’t Look Down

What happens when you leave the body you have at home? Do you float? Do you soar over vast rivers of neon? Do you imagine shapes, sounds, tastes and structures that are not of this world? INSA takes you to that place you imagine before your trip… the Vegas of dreams.

Looking down towards the end of the scene, Ivan helped create all the water caustics, water fountains and the reverse room transition.
Los Angeles, Calif.