THINK Exhibit

Following the footsteps of Charles and Rey Eames, the THINK exhibit celebrates not only IBM’s Centenial Anniversary but human innovativeness throughout history.

The exhibit can be broken down to three sections: Data Wall, Immersive Film, Interactive Experience. 

The outside of the installation is a 100 foot LED wall that gathers and visualizes data from the city that it is being hosted on. The second part takes place inside, a film celebrating the innovativeness of human kind is displayed in a forest of screens. For the third section, the wall turns into an interactive, touch screen wall, inviting the audience to explore the rich history of human achievement.






Motion Designer

Special Thanks

Kaan Atilla
Jonathan Wu

Immersive Film

The Immersive Film is goes through the patterns that makes the world work better: Seeing, Mapping, Understanding, Believing, and Acting. Space travel is the first example in the film, how humans saw the stars, developed tools to overserve them, creating maps and through the cumulative efforts, belief. The next step was to take action and redfined what is possible.

Ivan used his skills to contribute design and animation in multiple parts of the video. The best example is the use of node based code to visualize the speeds of all the vehicles in the scene by analyzing and averaging the difference in 3D space over time.  
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