Grad Show

How do you bring people closer to your work? Why not make them be part of the work? When the audience steps closer, on the black blank wall, a white square appears emitting white particles. And with teamwork, with other audience members, Ivan’s name begins to appear.

This helped solve so many problems that face a student graduating. First, it's a great way to change the state of a person from observer to active participant. When people start having fun, they attract even more people to the space. And finally, it's a great ice breaker, the next question is what is this, followed by the interest of the rest of the work.

By smashing two processing libraries (openKinect and openCV) along with some custom particle coding, people were able to emitt particles after stepping in closer to the space. The particles then travel towards the center of the board but end up stopping if it hits Ivan’s logo.


Creative Technologist

Special Thanks

Nik Hafermaas
Oliver Hess

Los Angeles, Calif.