Game Over

Game Over explores the different worlds and styles of classic arcade games from the 80s. Instead of seeing the games from outside the screen as we typically were, we take a look inside, in the perspective of other worlds such as pacman, galaga, space invader, super mario, and asteroids. We transform and combine these worlds into 3D while keeping the form language as simple and powerful as the originals. We will take the 2D pixel sprits into 3D, that includes explosions inside Asteroids, monsters and coins inside pacman, mario, and space invaders. (keeping the hard edges and what makes them classical)

It is always us, the gamers, who gets to beat the games and sometimes even cheat with glitches in the programs in order to do so. In other words, we are the invaders. If we are to ask the characters/elements in the games, how does it feel? what do these events look like from their point of view? As their worlds are getting destroyed by us, the unseen forces of human from outside the monitor, making armageddon come once every few minutes; and that’s is where the story began, an arcade version of armageddon to the hopeless creatures inside the machines.


Advanced 3D Motion


Rob Garott


Jason Yeh
Jenny Hsieh
James Vogel
Ivan Cruz



Los Angeles, Calif.