Pointcloud Photobooth

The photobooth captures pointcloud data every 20 seconds and is later projected on an opposing wall. It gives people time to find their pose, have fun, but most importantly, experience themselves in three dimensions.


Creative Technologist

Special Thanks

Blossom Liu
Maddie Ma
Danny Grey
Chris Taylor
Zeke Wattles
ArtCenter x Triad x Juganu

Pointcloud Gallery

To display the Pointcloud data two computers were used. The first saved the Kinect point data as cvs files into a watch folder, while the second computer reads the files and transitions the data together.

Mediatecture Portraits

The same processing sketch was used to take pointcloud scans of the Mediatecture Berlin Team.

Physical Setup

The setup included a Kinect One Sensor, two short throw projectors and two laptops.
Los Angeles, Calif.